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A Cheer for L

A Cheer for L

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[2091] A cheer for L with whole heart
that satisfies zer full.
To bear pains is a high art,
if they do push and pull.
The suffering stops quickly,
if only You are there.
Help us smartly, but not partly.
We may be very sickly.
You end all deep despair.

We praise in You the glory
that makes the dreams come true.
Please, tell us our story
the day we die in You.
Please, do treat us friendly,
if You do hear us pray.
Giving pleasure is right measure.
We like to tell You gently,
what we do have to say.
You answer always grandly,
all night and every day.

We eulogise You, greatest,
whom everybody knows.
We like to hear the latest
and how Your wise plan goes.
You show us indulgently
the right path all the time.
There is no call that is too small.
Your patience is constantly
admirable and prime,
Your grace is eminently
congenial and sublime.

We worship You with gladness
and love You as You are.
You drive away all sadness
exceeding us by far.
We are no bad deserters
of words You optimise.
Give L a glance and get your chance.
We try to be asserters
of Your ideas so wise
and tractable converters
of them to deeds precise.

We rate You highly always.
Your light may amply burn.
We love You truly all days
awaiting no return.
You are a great composer
of words we honour much.
Speak a nice word that does not hurt.
You are a tough opposer
of racketeers as such.
Please, let Your love come closer
so that we get in touch.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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