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View the Deeper Sense

View the Deeper Sense

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[2092] View the deeper sense,
which L in you presents
to give from high above
all zis strengthening love.
Let your word come to the lonesome,
give the poor all they need
then their live will succeed.
You stop their misery,
they will thank joyfully.

Concord is our goal
discord hurts our soul.
It's true that the whole Earth
without L has no worth.
Costly clothing is annoying.
Give your money all those
who are to poorness close
You receive for this deed
what L for this decreed.

Sadness has not to be
if your conscience is free
of all evil and wrong
that does vex you lifelong.
Put a stopping to the mourning
that does keep you at bay,
and no sorrows away,
if you talk to a friend
who is holding your hand.

Don't speak an ugly word
that does L badly hurt
and don't tell zer a lie
so that ze must ask "Why?".
Give the poorest from the surest
so that they can plan well
far from poverty hell.
Give from the innermost
as a big-hearted host.

If you ask for the sense
and on what life depends
then take serving for L
as an answer so well.
Find much pleasure in this measure!
If all times have passed by
and you're willing to die
in L with highest bliss
do it and you'll feel this.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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