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No one should tell you

No one should tell you

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[2093] No one should tell you, you would have no worth
or have the spell to complain your poor dearth.
Everyone should see that's no one like you
and be so gently to honour you, too.

No one should ponder, ze would be the best
but ze should wonder, why L is the crest.
Who has the insight to serve L with zest
mostly will be right in any tough gest.

Everyone should know that life does require
that one can't follow each ardent desire.
Deep love to creatures must be presupposed:
all the prime features has L here enclosed.

Take the presented not simply for free
L is contented if you pay the fee.
That means to worry about all that is
and without flurry to meliorate this.

After all striving come peace and pure bliss,
when you're arriving at L with all this.
Live with delight the whole union with L;
you will get sight of zis grandness as well.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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