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With L is Formed

With L is Formed

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[2095] With L is formed real kindliness
in any human relation.
Ze crowns by it all the friendliness
according to revelation.
Thus, give, as sign of your seemliness,
much back with true adulation.

In life, it needs any business
sufficient care rule-oriented.
If there is not enough minuteness,
one is dismissed and resented.
So work with high effectiveness
and make L really contented.

Creation gives us creativeness
to be with wealth not too seedy.
It is, of course, pure naturalness
donating it to the needy.
Show L encouraged fearlessness
and take it just from the greedy.

It is a good mark of courtliness
to organise leisure wisely.
It should not be lazy godliness;
it ought maintain health concisely.
Hence, make for L-conform stateliness
and serve all justice precisely.

All live is more than worldliness;
the atheist should believe it.
From L arises all holiness
although one cannot conceive it.
Participate in zis loveliness,
collaborate and achieve it.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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