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November 2010 (About the Contentment)


[2096] Since bliss is experienced as such only if it does not persist long, because it will otherwise become monotonous, life needs variety enough without too big extremes to produce enduring contentment. If the most important needs are met and there is sufficient leisure to give oneself up to things that mean something to oneself, it is L, by whom one achieves deep contentment in the service to zer, if one follows the word of L. [2097] Actual fulfilment ensues only with appropriate involvement of L, since only then the achieved can compare with the best possible. Anyone who tries to dodge L and zis word lags clearly behind that. This can go so far that the health suffers seriously, since the disease is a proven means of correction. With L, one saves a lot unnecessary and reaches, corresponding to zis effort, the desired goal. [2098] Without L, one is forced to the detours, which are needed to return to the proper path again. It is not only the great success and top performance that provide contentment. The criterion for the latter and oneself is primarily the own assessment, since the judgement of L is only available if ze pronounces it. But this is, because of the reserve of L in favour of the wide autonomy of the creatures, rarely the case, since the judgement of L has the highest significance and therefore provides many advantages that want to be deserved. [2099] It often makes for contentment, if a unwelcome problem could be eliminated. It is also sufficient, if the day could be managed without major problems, or if it contained nice moments that makes one forget the sorrows for a certain time, to be content. It is the bright spots that L bestows on one, which cause contentment. [2100] Who applies zis expectations for the day low, is less disappointed and more contented. Who is tolerant and forgiving, who patiently endures stress and does not quickly complain, but views the positive in everything, for whom it is easier to be content. It is not forbidden to vent zis displeasure about stress, or to confide in others, as long as they are appropriately treated. [2101] Who talks over zis problems, also with L, and does not push anything important to the back of zis mind, will achieve with it a certain degree of contentment, even if they could not all be solved satisfactorily, or at all. It is the ability to tackle each situation appropriately, to face up to it and not to lose the hope, but to trust in L that everything comes to a good end, which produces contentment.

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