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The Day with L

The Day with L

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[2102] Getting early up in the morning,
give us L a beautiful day;
for if it brings sorrows and mourning,
all good prospects stay far away.
L, please give love a bit that many live on it.
We do serve You willingly all days
even if we have no success
for we want to stick to always
what does please You, nevertheless.

Having lunch we want to spend
time enough in prayer to You,
since we never want to suspend
our thanks for that what You do.
L, make us sated, please, that all have enough with ease.
We long for the happy hour,
when the work is done for now,
for we use the given power
in the free time as You allow.

In the evening we want to mind
what Your word is telling us,
so that many poor creatures find,
what they need, from our surplus.
L, please give us the force to follow a godly course.
In the free time we like to finish
all the tasks You reckon as good.
Selfishness is full to diminish,
if Your word is well understood.

When we sleep, then we want to dream
what does help us to view Your world right.
All events we want to esteem
that give us an insightful night.
L, please give us the rest till our strength is at best.
If the sleep recovered us clearly
we did right as far as we know;
if it vexed us all the time nearly,
we performed extremely low.

Our lives have so many days
to convince L well from birth.
Our karma argues the ways
we pursued to show our worth.
L, please be good to us and do encourage, thus.
We do faithfully serve You with zest
to share out the most of Your wealth.
We do always give You the best,
if the world is saved so to health.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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