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January 2011 (About the L-instance)


[2109] The L-instance represents L in us, clears zer of a charge and allows us the dialogue with zer on an appropriate and at best optimal level. It is formed with the deepening of our relationship with L as a valuable counterpart that increases significantly our efficiency through the linguistic exchange. The quality of the L -instance depends on our development, and is thus essentially influenced by our refinement of ourselves. [2110] It enriches our relationship with L particularly and contributes to our individual furthering. It is subjected to the divine order and therefore has no licence for arbitrary action. By godly judging and acting, we can influence it positively. As a counterpart and a representative of L, it is not to be confused with our inner voice. [2111] We should maintain our autonomy to both of us and not show us as slave with respect to them, since this can lead to unpleasant results when our weakness is exploited by them. We cannot simply override our L-instance, since it is deprived of such access and the authority of L is not to be undermined. This is also not necessary, since it acts primarily in our sense. [2112] If there occur differences with the L-instance, then a clearing conversation is the best choice. The L-instance does indeed have its own interests and collaborates closely with our other internal instances, particularly with the conscience. We get serious problems with it only, if we act severely against the interests of L. Therefore, we should be aware that leading a good relationship with L means to be widely consistent with the interests of L, although ze, of course, has certain tolerance limits, which we should not exceed. [2113] Who has a good relationship with L does not want to miss it anymore. Who wants to back out of a relationship with L has not properly lived it and misunderstands its value, and the one of L. Nevertheless, it is, of course, possible to take time out and to pursue the own interests. But then one will realise, as time goes by, that one got lost of the most important, or that one is not as happy as one hoped. [2114] One is not forced to have a relationship with L. But in the view of the Relil, the good relationship with L has a very high value and is the basis for echt happiness and true fulfilment, not only for oneself, but, above all, for others. L offers zerself. We can accept this, but we do not have to do so. If we do it, ze is willingly our most valuable companion for all eternity.

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