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[2127] The theological statement, rich in content, conveys primarily the view of L and is authorised by zer. The authorisation is the result of divine grace and the fulfilment of the stern presuppositions L imposes on it. These consist in the hard lessons that one has to be taught by L and that first enable one to meet the divine demand at all. The learning conditions are admittedly humane, but in substance one is given a run for one's money. [2128] Who does not want to go the radical way that the refinement of oneself requires in the relationship with L, and the involvement in the content of a statement, must not hope for an authorisation by L, since theology is a matter of the highest and the whole thing that is at all available in a world. The (linguistic) requirements go far beyond (academic) bookishness, since the personality of L is to be found, which exceeds mere creatureliness. [2129] It is, despite their diversity, characterised by the five divine characteristics, which separate it clearly from any creature. An objectionable statement is definitely not theological, if the objection is substantially justified. Ultimately, L and those decide on it who were authorised by zer in the way that ze defined personally or in the word of L. [2130] A theological statement is as long valid until it is authorised corrected. Since times are basically changing, this is not a flaw that could be avoided in advance. Would it be worded into eternity, it would be anticipated what is first to appear, if at all, since the future is widely open and decisively determined by the creatures that come after us. [2131] However, it should be sufficiently universally valid and briefly, uniquely and clearly inform about that what is to state from L. In it, the love of L to the creatures should be found, as well as zis justice, which raise the hopes of the creatures and give them confidence, beyond death. It should emphasise the special and important of the presence of L and zis creation so that the evil and all harmful forces are put in their place, when they try to gain power to that they are not entitled. [2132] It should show the way that can be gone in the sundry situations and circumstances in order to find the fulfilment and the happiness that make life so worth living. Although it consists only of words, but its content builds the contents that are so important for us and that we are able to enjoy again and again to master life well with L.

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