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May 2011 (About the Gratitude)


[2133] It is indisputable fact that we owe ultimately L everything what characterises us. It would be out of all reason if we would not appropriately appreciate this. A look into our world, however, is enough to see the widespread ingratitude. Apparently, it is willingly taken for granted, how L is there for us and what ze all makes available to us. [2134] We will only be then badly off, if we behaved wrong and inappropriate. Otherwise, we can enjoy the love and the wealth of L. L does not expect that we burn out ourselves for zer and give back multiply any gift, by corresponding considerations. But we should at least have the decency to treat appropriately our world and all creatures living in it, so that each makes a living and likes to live in it. [2135] L does not expect thanks personally, although ze accepts such gladly, if it comes from the heart, but substitutionally to our fellow creatures. It should not just consist of words, but in the service to them. It should not be a matter of duty, but be done out of love for them and from our inner need. It should not represent a one-to-one retaliation, but a gift we like to give, without expecting something for it. [2136] In this way, a chain of gratitude can emerge, which passes the love of L to us on to others, so that the whole world is full of it and the L-worthy state is reached quickly. Then we can give thanks to our fellow creatures for their service to us, what reinforces the effect of the chain once more. If we take thereby the most important first into account, without neglecting the less important, those are quickly aided who need our help most urgently and deserve it the most. [2137] Gratitude should be closely related to the appropriate judging and acting, and efficiently and effectively bring about, what L expects in zis word of us, and can rightfully expect. It can become apparent in the big as in the small things. If we properly identify and interpret the needs and requirements, L will also show how to remedy them, or how to meet them, if we keep open for them. [2138] Then it is also not difficult to find the right solutions for the pending problems and to tackle them (united). Gratitude is the interplay of the services of several sides, from which everybody derives something, if it is shown appropriately. If we internalise L and zis goals properly and refine ourselves, it becomes exhilarating matter of course for us.

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