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June 2011 (About the Quality of Life)


[2139] It is not only vital that we live our lives, but also how we do this. It is ideal, if we look forward to each day on that we were able to achieve much for L and the fellow creatures in order to complete it then satisfied, happy and thankful. Life, however, has its ups and downs and it challenges us in many different ways. We usually cannot predict what we exactly can expect, and must be prepared for all possibilities. [2140] But our (good) karma allows us to influence positively the framework conditions of our lives, so that we are not too much exposed to the vicissitudes of life, and can enjoy it. It is important that we get stability in our lives and are not under too much pressure from something else. [2141] This we can achieve together with others, and with the aid of L, since the division of labour allows us not to have to do everything by ourselves and therewith to have time for things that serve not only to sustain life. If we also spend our leisure time with useful things, which also withstand L, then the joy that we bring to others and us carries us through the whole life, and gives us the performance that keeps us healthy and is the basis for our successes. [2142] The quality of life, despite growing worldwide living standards, is unfortunately on the wane, since the divide between rich and poor is getting bigger, and the humans alter their lives and that of the other creatures less and less usefully and appropriately. In particular, L is not given the importance that ze deserves. [2143] The increase in productivity and the globalisation bring about that humans have to get done more and more and more unimportant in shorter time intervals, rather than to concentrate on the essentials and to solve the problems of the world. Although they have the aid of machines and computers, but the technology does not necessarily lead to a higher quality of life. If human beings allow to be too much determined by them, they lose their relative freedom and autonomy and change themselves and the world for the worse. [2144] If they consume uninhibited and uncritically, what media and advertising praise, they become victims of a bad zeitgeist, which makes the conditions of life more and more inhuman. But if they remember what L formulated in zis word, and put this appropriately into practice, then there is no obstacle for a high quality of life, and they can escape from their hardships.

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