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July 2011 (About the Church)


[2145] A strong community, as the church of the Relil is to be, serves L and all creatures. This does not mean that it can please everybody and pursue unrelile goals that are not agreeable to L. The church must, in spite of all the integration efforts, distance itself from those who severely insult L and cause great harm to the fellow creatures. [2146] It should be open to as many persons as possible, but this openness has its limits where the tolerance leads to unbearable conditions. All creatures are to feel comfortable in it and to help bringing about the L-worthy status with like-minded persons. The Relil is a generous religion, open to the world, that has only one commandment and one prohibition, so that everybody can freely develop in it, and find happiness and fulfilment. [2147] Although it is thus not strict, it has limits, whose transgression it simply cannot tolerate. It cannot suffer any behaviour, but must react reasonably and even negatively, if the divine order is seriously disturbed by it. Therefore, the relims are to be vigilant, to recognise the potential dangers early on and to avert them effectively. [2148] Conversely, it is indicated to further everything that is pleasing in the sight of L and the cohesion in the church so that a resistant unity emerges, which jointly solves the problems of the world, according to their importance, and develops the required strength for this. The good relationship with L alone is not sufficient for this, but only a requirement that helps to achieve the goals, agreeable to L, and the necessary success. It is the love of and to L, which connects the creatures and gives them the strength not only to cope with life, but to experience what makes it beautiful and fulfilling. [2149] The church of the Relil is to be the bond that holds the relims together and gives them a home that is bigger and more beautiful than any dwelling. Its institutions are to further this cohesion once more and to help implementing relile goals around the world. The church shall have a high-performance flat structure, without a ponderous administrative apparatus or functionaries, who seek too much power and money. [2150] Its finances are to be based on donations and reasonable membership fees, which shall be, in the richer regions, compulsory contributions that can voluntarily be exceeded, to provide planning security, and, in the poorer regions, be paid on a voluntary basis. Membership in the church, which is also to be there for non-members, according to their capabilities and within an appropriate frame, is voluntary and not required to be relim.

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