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August 2011 (About the Future)


[2151] After almost five years of the religion of love, it is time to take meanwhile stock concerning the Relil. The word of L has reached an extent that is sufficient to make it the basis for a book titled "Relil - religion and way of life", which is to appear soon, and also contains the politics of the Relil with its political program. L and I went the religious path widely undisturbed by third parties, as I desired it. [2152] Disturbances by third parties would interfere my work too much, since it was virtually impossible for me to respond to requests without suffering of the work on the word of L. L has taken the roles that furthered it best and replaced the persons abundantly, which would be able to be my furtherers and critics. For this I am particularly grateful to zer, and it deepened the love towards zer, together with all other experiences once again. [2153] This first phase is to be followed by a second one, in which the book is to be made available and is to show its effect on a wider public. From its appearance on, I will be at the public's disposal, as far my everyday work permits it, and consider the reactions to it, for my further work and next steps. [2154] Since the book will be published in German at cost price, all German-speaking readers are cordially invited, with the appeal to take it kindly up, to win it for themselves, to derive their personal benefit from it and to comment on it to me, if they want to. Here any constructive comments are welcome to me, whether they are positive or negative. I will consider and answer them according to relevance, if and to what extent my time allows. [2155] The work for L brought always great joy to me, even though I did not spare myself in the matter. There are a great many considerations and taking note of a great many facts for them required to meet the demands of L. I am aware that it is not easy to understand the book and the word of L in it, although I made great efforts to be understood. A complex world requires just such answers, even if their language is simple. [2156] This speech and this verse will end the word of L for the moment until I received enough responses, allowing an appropriate continuation. Time will tell how it goes on with the religion of love. L and I wish it every success in order that as many creatures as possible benefit from it, and the L-worthy state is reached as quickly as possible. For this we ask everyone!

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