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Your Divine Grace Shows

Your Divine Grace Shows

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[E4] Your divine grace shows

You, L, are best to creatures
that live at any place.
We thank for all Your features
You spread into the space.
Your divine grace shows whom You give solace.

Your acting for the right weal
is lasting for all time.
You have the urgent prime zeal
to fight against all crime.
Your divine grace shows Your strong will to heal.

By giving all Your brightness
You make us feeling well.
It is Your sign of rightness
to abrogate the hell.
Your divine grace shows Your deep love to tell.

With meekness and with lenience
You demonstrate Your shine.
You have the splendid patience
to bring Your word in line.
Your divine grace shows which high aims are fine.

By struggling for the good thing
You take the greatest part.
By stopping all disgusting
You manifest Your heart.
Your divine grace shows Your quotidian start.

© 2014 by Boris Haase

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