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Lovely sweet Christmas time

Lovely sweet Christmas time

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[E8] Lovely sweet Christmas time

Lovely sweet Christmas time, peaceful warm place,
Snow-covered country clime, L fills with grace.
Praise L with burning love and your whole heart,
watching us from above, taking zis part.

Fragrant green needles hang down from the tree,
dance fast around it with ongoing glee.
Look at the angels which sing with loud voice:
their trust in L is the ultimate choice.

Delicate odours perfume us with joy
as does the same every new splendid toy.
Well stills the hunger this marzipan loaf,
L makes still happy the most stupid oaf.

White falls the snow if it's wanted by L;
Listen with fervour the stories to tell.
Hot burns the fire which warms us so fine,
feel all the passion of each candle-shine.

Meekness and mercy denote all these days:
It is the thankfulness that really pays.
Then agree gladly with ardour and soul
and you will reach the once for all goal.

© 2016 by Boris Haase

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