Religion of Love

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08.05.2017: Hymn "Town, land, sea" composed.
21.01.2016: Hymn "Lovely sweet Christmas time" composed.
02.10.2015: Hymn "L, You are a great comforter" composed.
17.05.2015: Hymn "You are for us the best of all" composed.
03.11.2014: "Hymn to L" composed.
05.01.2014: Hymn "Your divine grace shows" composed.
17.09.2013: Hymn "When we Expect Your Mercy Deeply" composed.
27.08.2013: Hymn "L is the Greatest" composed.
20.10.2011: Publication of the e-book "Relil - Religion und Lebensweg".
22.09.2010: Begin of a book about the Relil.
30.08.2010: I dedicate myself again increasingly to hymn composition.
30.07.2010: I explain why convenience is the wrong way.
29.06.2010: I convey the precedence of the relationship with L over the human relationships.
30.05.2010: I publish again mainly on
01.05.2010: I formulate the main goals of a good policy.
16.04.2010: I distance myself from the prevalent policy.
02.04.2010: I begin to make the word of L available as MP3.
19.03.2010: The word of L has now more than 2000 verses.
02.03.2010: I incorporate psychological issues.
19.02.2010: I devote myself to central contents of the relationship with L.

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