Religion of Love

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L is the Greatest

#89: Extension Hymns on 27.08.2013

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[E1] L is the greatest, L is the straightest that the worlds have ever seen;
praise zer ardour, praise zer favour and the mercy it does mean.
L the honour, L the fervour, ze deserves up to the hilt;
praise the splendour, praise the saviour who forgives us any guilt.

L is the strongest, L is the longest advocate of creatures' right;
praise zer justice, praise zer practice for zer unrewarding fight.
L the meaning, L the feeling that reflects our godliness;
praise the blazing, praise the raising of zer upmost holiness.

L is the highest, L is the wisest to decide a heavy case;
praise zer brightness, praise zer fineness that we find at any place.
L the pleasure, L the measure that ze really can enjoy;
praise the largeness, praise the fairness that ze cherish's to employ.

L is the dearest, L is the neatest who us utmost rapture brings;
praise zer dosing, praise zer closing of the truly awful things.
L the thinking, L the linking of the brilliant thoughts of mind;
praise the patience, praise the lenience in the matters of all kind.

L is the deepest, L is the cheapest we can ask for best advice;
praise zer meekness, praise zer weakness to raise all in paradise.
L the nearness, L the buttress of all humans in despair;
praise the glory, praise the story of zer blessings everywhere.

© 27.08.2013 by Boris Haase

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