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When we Expect Your Mercy Deeply

#91: Completion Hymns on 17.09.2013

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[E3] When we Expect Your Mercy Deeply

When we expect Your mercy deeply,
when we request our part herefrom,
when we receive it all so cheaply,
we want to thank You on and on.
When we acquire the treasures all, too,
when we yet place our drive above,
when we neglect the deeds we should do,
You give us, all the same, Your love.

When we could stop the latest crying,
when we see vanish all our need,
when we are not afraid of dying,
Your sole commandment is our creed.
When we observe what You have mentioned,
when we give back Your selfless care,
when we deserve what You have sanctioned,
for either parts the life is fair.

When we treat well the needy creatures,
when we renounce improper wealth,
when we develop shining features,
Your gift for us is lasting health.
When we respect all duties kindly,
when we adore your ample grace,
when we do nothing simply blindly,
the world becomes the nicest place.

When we extol Your patient lenience,
when we regret mistakes we made,
when we confide in your experience,
no callous judgement will be said.
When we just scarcely have to suffer,
when we appreciate Your price,
when we esteem Your noble offer,
we take a really fine advice.

When we and others truly try hard,
when we accept the karma law,
when we move diligently onward,
You see the best You ever saw.
When we deny the evil stoutly,
when we perform all functions well,
when we announce Your greatness loudly,
we glorify You, dearest L.

© 17.09.2013 by Boris Haase

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