Religion of Love

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Hymn to L

#93: Extension Hymns on 03.11.2014

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[E5] Hymn to L

Please, see us mildly, L,
spare us the awful hell
and give us guidance
in any nuisance.
L, our saviour in need,
L, who is gracious, indeed,
we like to listen to
what comes as word from You,
we do love Thee:
So shall it be.

Please, send us all the strength,
that our fetch has the length
that we're achieving
what we believe in.
L, we should ask not too much,
since You could miff that as such,
for we don't want that You
have got a reason to
be in a fret,
which we'd regret.

L, we are in Your debt
and all the steps we stepped
led to the blunders
so that one wonders:
L, how could that come true
what did the harm to You?
You are rewarding us
without a really plus
You need to rest,
the best of best.

© 03.11.2014 by Boris Haase

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