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You are for us the best of all

#94: Completion Hymns on 17.05.2015

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[E6] You are for us the best of all

You are for us the best of all
dear L, although there is a call
to say it can't be true.
It is the evil still so small
that dares the proper to befall
and every poor soul, too.

There was much mourning in the past
about the world that winds so fast,
a problem of the wealthy.
But it is one of all the cast,
how long and heavy it does last,
until we term it healthy.

To solve the problems of all kind
please, keep the pledges in Your mind
we like to help You, Leader.
It is so painful just to find
the answer in the maze behind
where everyone is pleader.

Please, don't be angry in Your shell,
If all the folk is not so well
You want it different, truly.
If You are ringing our bell
Is there a person who would tell
"I can't subserve You, duly!"?.

Before You tell me, by the way,
that You have planned my ultimate play,
please, let me dream with glee
I love you always til doomsday.
Please, have the mercy and do say
"From now on you are free!".

© 17.05.2015 by Boris Haase

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