Religion of Love

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You are for us the best of all

#95: Completion Hymns on 02.10.2015

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[E7] L, You are a great comforter

L, You are a great comforter,
aid and excellent supporter,
all Your power has the goal
spending love and rule the whole.

We demand that You still grow
and keep all the life in flow
that the world has all around
without limit or a bound.

Loving we give back the thank
for the master of Your rank,
who directs the way we think
if we rise or deeply sink.

You are able to avoid all
what entails a heavy downfall
for Your love is piercing through
what does really harm to You.

All the sorrows fly away
if You have a word to say
that brings all the pain to end
daring us so hard to bend.

© 02.10.2015 by Boris Haase

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